Üdvözöljük az első női forex broker oldalon, melyet nők készítették nőknek. Minden hölgy előtt nyitva áll a kezdőktől a haladókig.

Miért speciális a Lady FX?

Azért mert a Lady Fx a forex piacon egy speciális módon vesz részt, nemcsak avval, hogy  nőket szolgál csak ki, $1.93 kvadrillió értékű piacon, hanem, avval is, hogy kimagasló oktatással professzionális kereskedőkké váljanak.

Mert kizárólag nők hozták létre nők részére, a létrehozás kezdete

Because it was created solely by women for women, from the creation of this special brand and through your professional assistance in every level by our dedicated lady staff, who consists of industry professionals with investment and financial services experience, we provide a unique experience.

Running a pure STP model, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards by providing our ladies access to the best technology and liquidity available on the market for our ladies traders.
We pride ourselves in delivering the fastest execution and lowest spreads whilst maintaining complete transparency.

Our goal on the international currency market is to help women change the traditionally male industry, to turn on their benefit and create a successful brand together.

Válassza Lady Fx-et, hogy változtasson change your lifestyle.

Our vision

We assist women in bringing positive change, new ways of thinking
We developed smart solutions
We are boosting women's carrier development
We provide education and background
We support and give opportunities for women
We connect people
Be our Inspirational voice, Express yourself, Change your lifestyle.
Dr. Bettina Polycarpou

Dr. Bettina Polykarpou
Advisor and brand representative

She is the brand representative of Lady Fx. Her key role is to employ a customer-centric approach and ensure that Lady Fx is giving a maximum value and an outstanding customer experience to each and every one of our clients and partners. Her key duty is to build and lead a team which can turn our vision into goals and objectives, and fulfill them accordingly.

After receiving her Bachelor degree as an Economist majoring in Economic diplomacy and international management, She also pursued a Masters degree as a lawyer at the University of Szeged, Hungary.
She specialized in international law and was awarded by the title of juris doctor.

Work Experience
After graduating as a lawyer, She began working as a corporate lawyer for an international law firm in Cyprus then, extended her legal work into the finance world, which is where her Economical studies really helped to be successful, and lead her to where she is today.

Quoted by Dr. Bettina : " I always wanted to see a different side to the economic and legal work, so I started managing the legal and compliance departments of numerous brokerage companies. I acquired deeper knowledge of how to run, manage and direct such companies in an efficient way, and how to serve both the clients and the company in a fair, legitimate manner. "

Why Lady Fx?
" By accepting this role, I’ve accepted a challenge. This industry is extremely competitive. My vision is to grow together with our clients. Most companies do not focus on the client – and we will be one of the few who will. "