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Not ready to trade yet? Are you ready for a smart investment? Our tailored and personal investment portfolios are created for you. You can participate in the Forex market without actively trading and benefit from it. Managed Forex accounts are increasing in much popularity. Managed Forex accounts are opened on your name and entrusted to our professional asset managers to trade on your behalf. At the same time, you will hold all rights and control your trading accounts. Get your fund managed by our money managers.

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Investment Options

Lady Deluxe Fund The “Lady Deluxe” strategy is based on a breakout logic and operates through a fully automated system specifically developed by our Investment Team. The trading systems is constituted of 4 different trading strategies based on EURUSD and GOLD only, all looking at breakout levels on different timeframes and identifying points where volumes are concentrated in order to create entry levels. The strategy, even though is fully automized, it is constantly and actively monitored by our investment team, who intervenes in cases of unexpected events on the market or to deactivate the trading system in occasions of expected increase in risk on the market (NFP, central banks decisions, etc.). Strict Risk Management rules are enforced in order to keep the investment safe and to preserve clients’ capital. The investment team also provides a hard stop, which guarantees the investor to lose not more than a pre-fixed percentage of the initial investment. This is ensured by tech solutions utilized by our team which allow client’s trading positions to be automatically closed, as soon as the pre-agreed equity level is reached.The trading strategy specifications are:

Max Risk30%
Average Monthly Returns5.10%
Average Annual EarningsOver 60%
Winning Months73.68%
Min. Investment300 EUR or USD
Strategy diversificationG10, Commodity Currencies and Gold

We are happy to present our managed accounts services providing you with outstanding track record and performance allowing you to benefit from increased monthly earnings. The team that we have built has a collective experience of over 50 years in the Capital Markets industry and have been successfully trading for almost eight years with yearly profits ranging from 40% to 80%. With an average monthly performance of 5.11%, and the ability to start small, you will not only be able to test and see how this strategy and income will fit your budget, but also have access to one of the most profitable and safe investment strategies currently available on the market.

As we are concerned about the same things as you are, funds safety and strict risk management is of utmost importance to us and our team. Each investment has a predetermined risk parameters and hard stop, preventing any excessive risks and making sure that all is within the agreed limits. This ensures that investors are comfortable with the portfolio, and knowing that the risk is limited, makes it a further assurance of success in the markets.

Compared to the interest rates provided by your bank on your savings account, which are ranging from 0.20% to 0.80% , and experiencing an inflation rate of 1.4% for 2019 according to EUROSTAT, instead of you earning money , it turns out that by adding the numbers together, instead of you raising your income and increasing your lifestyle it has actually cost you money.  We are here to turn this around for you, by providing you with the ability to boost your monthly and annual income significantly with an average of 5.11% per month, resulting in over 60% per annum. This compared to -0.6% real return provided by your bank, you will have a return of over 60 times on your money. Also as a leading financial institution, we like many other clients and partners of ours, have invested an excess of 250,000 EUR to make this strategy and portfolio available to anyone who is interested in increasing their portfolio and making it as accessible as possible by being able to accept investors with as low as 300 EUR.

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